How can I arrange for a tour of the club?

  • Please email us at willowbrookswimtennis@gmail.com to arrange for a tour during the off season (September-May). Drop in tours may be available when the club is open but are not guaranteed.  In season, tours can also be arranged by calling the club at (914) 666-3916.

Where is Willowbrook located?

  • Willowbrook is located in the Town of New Castle on 15.8 acres at 586 Millwood Road, in Mount Kisco, across from Old Roaring Brook Road, very close to the border of Chappaqua.

How do I become a Willowbrook member?

  • All members purchase a bond in their first year of membership for $1,500 + Tax. The bond is a one-time fee.  In the second year of membership, membership dues must be paid by April 1 in order to remain a member in good standing.  Memberships can be paid via check to Willowbrook Swim Club Inc. and mailed to Kelly Blacker, 15 Crow Hill Road, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, or via Venmo to @WillowbrookST.  We do not currently allow for credit card payments.  A membership card will be filled out on your first visit to the club and will be kept in the gatehouse for check-in purposes.  Families may also rent a membership for one season, if they prefer.  Current pricing can be accessed on our web site http://www.willowbrookswimtennis.com.

Who owns Willowbrook?

  • The members do! Members buy a “bond” when they join the club, which gives them a membership stake in Willowbrook, founded in 1965. Willowbrook is governed by an elected board made up of VOLUNTEER members who receive no financial compensation or discounted memberships for their service. Board members are elected to two-year terms. The board hires a paid staff of about 30-40 (managers, lifeguards, tennis professionals, and gatehouse workers) for each summer season.

What does my Willowbrook membership include?

  • Your membership includes access for your household family members to the pool, tennis courts, and Somers National Golf Club (during specified hours – please see details on our web site). Any additional lessons, clinics, teams, food items, or cart fees are additional and payable at the time of service.  Willowbrook members receive member pricing on all lessons and clinics.  Only Willowbrook member children are able to join the swim team.

We are moving – how can I stop my Willowbrook membership?

  • If you need to stop your Willowbrook membership for any reason, you can sell your bond to another party. However, they are required to pay the annual dues to Willowbrook in order to validate the bond.  Alternatively, if you do not pay your dues, your bond will be forfeited to the club.  No cancellation fees are required.

We have an au pair or other family member living in our house – can we add them to our membership?

  • Family members or other childcare providers may be added to your membership as a “special member” for the additional cost of $150 per additional person annually.

Can I bring a guest to the club?

  • Guests can be brought to the club for the cost of $10 per person. You can either pay in cash, check (Willowbrook Swim Club) or via Venmo @WillowbrookST.  You can also purchase a 6-guest punch card to keep with your membership card in the gatehouse ($60 for 6 punches in season, $50 for 6 punches pre-season).  Guests are limited to no more than two visits per month.  Guests may not stay at the club without their host member present.  Guest fees are not required for children under the age of 5.  All guests must be signed in and have a signed waiver on file.

Can I refer my neighbor to the club?

  • Yes! We often find our best references come from current members.  Members who refer a friend to the club who buys a bond will receive a 20% discount on their dues for that season.

Where do my dues go?

  • Willowbrook operates as a non-profit organization. Your membership dues pay for staff wages, propane, chlorine, pool chemicals, pool upkeep and repair, Har-tru tennis court preparation and upkeep, grounds maintenance, electricity, phone and Internet charges, property taxes, and equipment upkeep and replacement, as needed.  Willowbrook runs on a very tight budget and strives to keep membership costs as low as possible.

Do you offer senior or other discounted memberships?

  • No, we do not offer senior or other discounted memberships. If you are experiencing a hardship, we will be happy to work out a payment plan with you.

Does Willowbrook offer a tennis only membership?

  • Yes! Willowbrook offers a tennis only membership.  Tennis only members may not use the pool and do not have access to Somers National Golf Club.  Please visit our web site http://www.willowbrookswimtennis.com to get pricing for our tennis only membership.

How many members does Willowbrook have?

  • Willowbrook has approximately 250 family members.

Who are Willowbrook members?

  • Willowbrook has a diverse demographic membership with members from Chappaqua, Mount Kisco, Somers, Ossining, Bedford, Pleasantville, and many other neighboring towns. Willowbrook families are all ages, many have children, but many others are long time members who have adult children but love to relax at the pool and stay active on the tennis courts and golf course, or swim laps.

How can I join the Board?

  • We are always looking for volunteers! Willowbrook’s Board is integrally important for making decisions related to the functioning of the club.  Please let us know via email at willowbrookswimtennis@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering.  Board members are elected to two-year terms.  We have committees in the following areas:  Communications, Membership, Marketing, Facilities, Swim Lessons, Snack Bar, Social Events, Tennis, and Swim Team.  There are currently 15 members on the Board of Directors.

Who is eligible to sign up for swim lessons?

  • Members and nonmembers are eligible to sign up for swim lessons.  Members receive priority registration until February 28.  After that time, lesson registration opens to the general public at nonmember rates.  Group lessons begin at 6 months of age, with our water babies group.  Caregivers must enter the water with their child for the water babies group only.

How do I know which group to sign my child up for?

How much do lessons cost?

  • Swim lesson prices vary based on the group and session and are posted on our web site http://www.willowbrookswimtennis.com.  Fees listed are for all classes in that session.  Members receive a discounted rate on swim lessons.  Nonmembers are subject to nonmember rates.

How often do swim lessons meet?

  • Swim lessons meet daily on weekdays during the session period.

How do I know if swim lessons are cancelled due to weather?

  • In the event of a weather closure, an email will be sent by the manager to all swim lesson registrants.  When in doubt, please call the club 914-666-3916.

Will lessons be made up in the event of a weather cancellation?

  • Lessons cancelled due to weather will be made up at the discretion of the club.

What if I need to miss a lesson due to illness or some other reason?

  • No make-ups are offered due to missed lessons.  No refunds, unless a medical note is provided.

Who teaches the swim lessons?

  • Lessons are WSI supervised by Kelly Blacker and are taught by a combination of Kelly Blacker and her group of assistants, who are all competitive swimmers and/or certified lifeguards.

Can my child stay in the pool after the time of the lesson?

  • Nonmembers may not stay at the club past the time of the lesson.  Children who are unable to swim on their own may not be in the pool outside of lesson time unless accompanied by an adult or chaperone.

Are private swim lessons available?

  • Yes!  Private swim lessons are available for a fee for children and adults for both members and nonmembers.  Please contact the club directly at willowbrookswimtennis@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Who is eligible to sign up for swim team?

  • Only members aged 18 and younger are eligible to sign up for swim team.  Swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards, any stroke) unassisted to participate.  Our swim team is comprised of a mix of year-round competitive swimmers, as well as novice swimmers.

How often does swim team practice?

  • Swim team pre-season practices begin on Monday, June 19 and end on Friday, July 28.  Before school lets out, swim team meets after school with one group for 10&unders and one group for 11&up.  Once school lets out, swim team practices daily on weekdays in the morning and afternoon.  Swimmers are eligible to attend one practice per day and are asked to maintain their grouping for the season (please discuss any deviations with the coach). Swim team does not meet in the afternoon on swim meet days.

How often does dive team practice?

  • Dive team pre-season practices begin on Monday, June 19 and end on Friday, July 28.  Before school lets out, dive team meets after school.  Once school lets out, dive team practices daily on weekdays.  Dive team does not on dive meet days.

Who is eligible to swim/dive in meets?

  • There are opportunities for children of all levels to participate in meets.  Time trials are held at the beginning of the season for all swimmers.  The fastest available swimmers in each event will be selected to represent the club at dual meets.  Swimmers can participate in a maximum of four events in a dual meet, one of which must be a relay.  There are 5 dual meets per season, two at home and three at other pools.  B meets are for all swimmers/divers who do not place first or second in any event in a dual meet.  Divers are selected for meets by the dive coach.

Do I need to participate in meets?

  • Meet participation is completely optional.

What if I am not available to participate in a meet?

  • Please let the coaches know as soon as possible if you are not able to participate in a meet.  Meet line-ups are very time consuming to prepare and it is very disruptive if a child does not show up for a meet, if they appear in the line-up.  Last minute line-up changes can impact many other events in the competition and can cause difficulty for other team members, not to mention the coaching staff.  Other children may also be counting on you to participate in their relay.

How much does swim team cost?

  • Swim team costs $150 per child.  This cost includes a latex Willowbrook swim cap and a team t-shirt.  Team suits and personalized silicone caps may be purchased for an additional fee.

How do I sign up for swim team?

  • A swim team meet & greet, and signup is scheduled at the beginning og the season.  If you are not available to attend the meet & greet, forms can be downloaded from our web site and dropped off at the club before the first practice.  New team members will need to schedule a tryout with the coach.

What do I bring to practice?

  • Please wear a bathing suit and bring a towel.  Swim goggles, sunscreen, flipflops, and a water bottle are recommended.

How do I know if swim practice is cancelled due to weather?

  • In the event of a weather closure, an email will be sent by the manager to all swim team registrants.  When in doubt, please call the club 914-666-3916.

Who can participate in end of season swim/dive championships and all-stars?

  • Team members who have participated in at least two meets during the season are eligible to participate in championships.  The championship line-up will be set by the coach.  First place winners from championships are eligible to participate in all-stars the following day.  Willowbrook has won the championship 19 times!

Who sets the rules for the swim and dive team?

Who coaches the swim and dive team?

  • Kelly Blacker has coached the swim team at Willowbrook for 20 years.  Kelly is a USA Swimming age group coach at Storm Aquatics Saw Mill Club year-round.  She also has a staff of assistant coaches and a dive coach every season.

How many tennis courts does Willowbrook have?

  • Willowbrook has 7 Har-tru tennis courts and 2 pickleball courts (on Har-tru).

Does Willowbrook have a tennis pro on site?

  • Yes!  Adam Marianacci has been teaching tennis to both juniors and adults in Fairfield and Westchester counties for the past decade. Adam is a USPTA certified tennis professional and stays active competing in USTA 5.0 leagues. He currently teaches at Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club during the winter.  Adam can be reached at: Adam.Willowbrooktennis@gmail.com or (203) 570-7969.  Adam also employs tennis assistants in season.

When do the tennis courts open?

  • The tennis courts open early May and stay open through the end of October/early November, weather permitting.

Do I need to reserve a tennis court in advance?

  • Tennis courts for casual play do not need to be reserved in advance.

Does Willowbrook have tennis teams?

  • Yes!  Willowbrook has both USTA and MITL teams.  Please contact Adam at Adam.willowbrooktennis@gmail.com to sign up for a team.  Nonmembers can join teams for an additional fee.

Does Willowbrook offer tennis lessons?

  • Willowbrook offers both private and semiprivate lessons for a fee, at member and nonmember rates.  After school tennis classes are offered for children.  Additionally, adult clinics are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Please contact Adam at Adam.willowbrooktennis@gmail.com to sign up for programming.

Does Willowbrook offer weekday tennis instruction for children?

  • Willowbrook offers a half day tennis camp for children aged 4 and up, beginning June 26 and running through the end of August.  Please contact Adam at Adam.willowbrooktennis@gmail.com to get more details and to sign up.

Are there any tennis-specific social events?

  • Willowbrook hosts a monthly adult twilight tennis event on the first Friday of every month.  In addition, tennis tournaments are scheduled periodically.

Can nonmembers use the Willowbrook tennis facilities?

  • Non-Club Members who are on the roster of a Willowbrook team may only use Willowbrook tennis courts during designated practices/clinic times and home matches. Nonmembers must sign in upon arrival.  Nonmembers may not use the Club facilities except for the bathrooms and snack bar in connection with an official practice or home match.  All nonmembers are subject to nonmember rates. Nonmembers who take a lesson or play in a clinic may not stay at the Club after their clinic/lesson is finished.

Can I bring a guest to play tennis?

  • Yes!  All guests must be accompanied by a member of the club at all times.  Sign in is required and guest fees apply. Guest are limited to no more than twice/month.

Anything else?

  • Did you know that Adam loves chess and is a chess whiz?  He offers learn to play and advanced chess classes for children aged 6-14, beginning in May.

Does Willowbrook offer golf?

  • Willowbrook does not have on-site golf but has a reciprocal partnership with Somers National Golf Club.  Our members can use their facilities and their members can use Willowbrook facilities.

When can I visit Somers National Golf Club?

  • Willowbrook members have full access to the golf course Monday through Thursday anytime and Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Holidays after 2:00 pm (Blackout dates may apply).  Access will be granted before 2:00 pm on Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Holidays at members’ guest rates.  All Willowbrook members are welcome to join member events such as member-guest tournaments, clinics, lessons, and social functions as full members (some rates may still apply).

How much does it cost to play at Somers National?

  • Cart fees are $27 + tax for 18 holes and $20 + tax for 9 holes per person (cart fees apply whether or not a cart is used).  There are no additional greens fees.  Willowbrook members may play at Somers National outside of the posted days/times at published members’ guest rates.

How do I book a tee time?

  • Tee times can be booked 72 hours in advance by calling Somers National (914-342-3273).   Tee times can be booked earlier at member guest rates.

Can I bring guests?

  • Willowbrook members may bring guests.  All guests will be subject to the Somers National member published guest fees. Willowbrook members should identify themselves as such when calling to book tee times and instruct staff as to how many Willowbrook members and guests will be in their party.

Can I book a tee time for a single?

  • Yes. Somers National may pair you with another party.

When does Somers National open?

  • Somers National opens early April, and stays open through November, weather permitting.

Does Willowbrook offer dining options?

  • Yes!  Our snack bar offers a variety of hot and cold food options, as well as cold beverages and ice creams.

Who runs the snack bar?

  • The snack bar is operated by Three Little Pigs BBQ of Hawthorne.  Willowbrook does not provide food to or receive any profits from the snack bar.  It is operated as a separate entity.

When is the snack bar open?

  • In the pre-season, the snack bar is only open on weekends 11-6.  Once school lets out, the snack bar is open daily 11-6.  The snack bar may open late or close early, at the snack bar operator’s discretion, due to weather.  Any closures communicated to the Willowbrook manager will be alerted to the members via email.

How can I pay for my snack bar items?

  • Food and drinks can be paid for in cash.  An account can also be set up with the snack bar in advance, so that charges can be put on a credit card on file.

Can I have my child’s birthday party at the club?

  • Yes! Birthday parties may be held at the club for a $75 fee plus a $10 entry fee per child and adult.  Parties must be pre-approved and reserved by contacting the Club Manager. No more than one large (15 or more children) or two small parties (10 children or less) are permitted at the same time. Six or more guests constitute a party, so please be sure to contact the Club Manager if you are planning on having more than six guests.  A list of party guests must be provided to the gatehouse attendant prior to the start of the party. Food arrangements (if desired) should be made directly with the snack bar manager.  Parties are not permitted on weekdays after 4:00 pm during swim team season, except on away meet days or Saturday mornings during swim team season except on away meet days.  We recommend that you arrange for a rain date, in the case of a weather cancellation.  The club facilities can also be rented for larger parties.  Please contact us to get more information at willowbrookswimtennis@gmail.com.  Tennis parties can also be arranged with Adam Marianacci at Adam.willowbrooktennis@gmail.com.

Does Willowbrook offer social events?

  • Willowbrook aims to provide a variety of social events throughout the season for members.  Examples of past social events include DJ parties, beer tastings, wine tastings, outdoor movie nights, live music, free guest days, board games and bingo, and twilight tennis.  Some events may require advance registration.  All social events are free of charge to members, unless otherwise specified.  Members can bring guests to social events – guest fees are applicable.  In the event of a weather cancellation, we will try to reschedule social events, but may, at times, be unable to do so.

Club Address:
586 Millwood Road
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 43
Chappaqua, NY 10514