Swim Lessons and Programs

Swim Lessons 

Swim lessons will be offered for several skill levels to both Willowbrook members and nonmembers, as detailed below. Classes will be limited in size, based on a first-come, first-served basis. Nonmembers are subject to nonmember rates. Nonmembers may not stay at the club past the time of the lesson. Children who are unable to swim on their own may not be in the pool outside of lesson time unless accompanied by an adult or chaperone. Lessons canceled due to weather will be made up at the discretion of the club. When in doubt as to the correct grouping for your child, please contact the club directly. No refunds, unless a medical note is provided. No make-ups for missed classes. Registration is required. Class fees listed are for all classes in that session.

Priority registrations will be accepted for members until February 28, nonmember registrations will commence on March 1. Please sign up using the links below.

Water Babies

6 months – 2 years old

A half hour of fun for both parent and baby/tot. The parent will be instructed on appropriate holds, safety skills, and creative how tot’s of getting your baby more water friendly. This class is a mix of songs, safety skills, and the beginnings of forward and backward movement. Bubbles and jumps are also introduced.  Minimum 5 to a class, maximum 10 to a class.

6 classes – Sundays, June 25th – August 6th – no class July 2 – (10:00am – 10:30am OR 10:30am-11:00am)

$85 (members); $160 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE for 10:00 am

REGISTER HERE for 10:30 am

Swimming Skills I

3 years old +

An enthusiastic time for tots to expend energy, our goal is to increase comfort level and reinforce age appropriate safety skills. Bubbles, noodles, and kickboards will be introduced to enforce forward propulsion and to strengthen kicking. Back float, forward propulsion, freedom to use arms, and jumps are all features for participating at this level. Once a participant is able to doggie paddle, put his or her face in the water, and back float, they can move on to Swimming Skills II. Minimum 5 to a class, maximum 10 to a class.

19 classes – Monday to Friday, June 26th – July 21st – no class July 4 – (11:30am – 12pm OR 3:30pm – 4pm)

$260 (members); $420 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE for 11:30 am (session 1)

REGISTER HERE for 3:30 pm (session 1)

15 classes – Monday to Friday, July 24th – August 11th (11:30am – 12pm OR 3:30pm – 4pm)

$195 (members); $315 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE for 11:30 am (session 2)

REGISTER HERE for 3:30 pm (session 2)

Swimming Skills II

3 years old +

Fundamentals of alternating back floating and treading water are key elements taught at this level. Noodles and kickboards will be used to aid in developing a proper kick and freestyle over arm recovery. Getting comfortable with underwater play and then progressing to forward movement with a swimmers’ face in the water are key elements in this level. Back float and then progression to the use of one’s arms in backstroke are introduced. Minimum 5 to a class, maximum 10 to a class.

19 classes – Monday to Friday, June 26th – July 21st – no class July 4 – (12pm – 12:30pm OR 4pm – 4:30pm)

$260 (members); $420 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE for 12pm (session 1)

REGISTER HERE for 4pm (session 1)

15 classes – Monday to Friday, July 24th – August 11th (12pm – 12:30pm OR 4pm – 4:30pm)

$195 (members); $315 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE for 12pm (session 2)

REGISTER HERE for 4pm (session 2)


5 years old +

If your child can swim freestyle breathing to front or side for half the distance of the pool AND swim backstroke half the distance of the pool, they are ready to join our Pre-team class. We continue to develop side breathing and refining strokes while also building endurance to swim the whole length of the pool.  Kickboards and noodles are used to refine skills. Treading water, side-rhythmic breathing, backstroke and breaststroke are also taught at this level. Minimum 5 to a class, maximum 10 to a class.

19 classes – Monday to Friday, June 26th – July 21st – no class July 4 – (3:30pm – 4pm OR 4 – 4:30 pm)

$260 (members); $420 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE – GROUP 1 3:30 pm (session 1)

REGISTER HERE – GROUP 2 4:00 pm (session 1)

15 classes – Monday to Friday, July 24th – August 11th (3:30pm – 4pm)

$195 (members); $315 (non-members)

REGISTER HERE (session 2)

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons (kids and adults) are available with our coaching staff upon request. Please contact the club to arrange a 30 minute private lesson. Rates vary by instructor and for members and nonmembers.

Deep Water Running Program

A total body workout tone and define muscle, strengthen your core and get an amazing cardio workout… joint friendly/low impact workout.

Participants will be in the dive section of the pool with an aquatic fitness belt or a noodle (bring your own equipment) and socially distancing will be encouraged.  We will follow an interval training workout to challenge your strength and get your heart pumping.

This is a vertical water exercise. You do need to be able to enter and exit the pool independently, and maintain vertical body alignment using a buoyancy belt.  Each participant must provide their own flotation device. Water Gym belts are best and can be purchased from Water Gym. A small size fits most participants (10 participants maximum).

6 classes – June 25, 2023 – August 6, 2023 – no class July 2 – (11:15am to 12pm)

$60 (members); $90 (non-members)

If you wish to participate, please send a check made out to Willowbrook to:

Kelly Blacker, 15 Crow Hill Rd., Mt. Kisco NY 10549
Please write Deep Water in the memo section.
Or Venmo to @WillowbrookST
(do not classify as a good or service)

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, the sessions will be made up at the end of the program. You may call Willowbrook at 914-666-3916 to see if the pool is closed.

All nonmembers are subject to nonmember rates. Nonmembers who take a lesson or class cannot stay at the Club after their class or lesson is finished.

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Mailing Address:
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