Rules and Regulations

Please read carefully.

Please remember that the Club’s Rules and Regulations are intended for the benefit and safety of all Club members. We ask you to cooperate fully with the Club Manager and staff in enforcement and administration of these rules. If you are unhappy about a decision or conduct of the staff, please bring your concerns to the attention of the Club Manager or a member of the Club’s Board of Directors.

The following Rules and Regulations are presented for the guidance of the membership. They are not intended to be a complete list, and are subject to modification by the Board of Directors. Failure to comply with Club Rules and Regulations may be considered sufficient cause for suspension of Club privileges or for cancellation of membership, without refund. Request for exceptions or modifications to these rules should be transmitted in writing to the President for discussion by the Board.

CLUB FACILITY is for use of Willowbrook Club Members. Club members need to sign in at the front desk. If a member is bringing in a guest, the guest policy needs to be followed. Guest policy is stated below under Guests.

All dues, guest fees and late payment fees are subject to sales tax. Members are to receive notification of the annual dues plus any additional fees no later than January 31st. Payment must be made before February 28th, otherwise late fees must be paid (envelopes must be postmarked by Feb. 28th).

Any member who has not paid his annual dues and late fees by April 1st will be subject to forfeiture of their bond and membership privileges.

MEMBERSHIPS are available for purchase year round. Please contact the Willowbrook membership chair via e-mail for availability of memberships.

Persons buying memberships will be offered in the order in which their application for membership was received. The new member must pay all fees within 14 days.

No memberships will be accepted for sale from March 1st to September 1st.
After the membership is purchased and the initiation fee paid, all members of the family including husband, wife, children and dependent parents domiciled in the household on a year-round basis are eligible for use of the Club facilities, provided that the annual dues and any additional fees and assessments are paid in a timely manner.
A special annual membership may be purchased for other persons living in the household, e.g., live-in help, exchange students, etc. The rate will be $150 each with a maximum of two per family. A non-live-in mother’s helper may also have an annual pass for $150; however, he or she may use the pass only when acting in the capacity of mother’s helper.

MEMBERSHIP RENTAL: The Board of Directors has authorized rentals for a year.  All renters will have full use of the Club facilities during the summer season. They will be selected from the regular waiting list for Club membership. It is the intention of the Club that renters who wish to continue to use the Club will become members. Accordingly, renters may only rent for one summer season. Following the summer season, renters will need to become a fully bonded member.  The Board will also continue to permit rentals to those persons renting the home of a member in good standing for all or part of the summer season.

GUESTS: The name of each guest MUST be entered in the guest book at the entrance upon arrival. This is required by our Insurance Company. A guest fee or guest card punch is required and paid in full. It is the responsibility of each member to make certain that his/her guest is registered and paid for.  Each Guest will be limited to two visits per month regardless of which active family member brings them to the club.

All Non-Members are subject to Non-Member rates. Non-members who take a lesson, play in a clinic cannot stay at the Club after their lesson is finished.  Should you decide to stay at the Club and utilize any of the Club’s facilities, there is a small fee of $10/per person charged to all non-members. This is limited to no more than twice/month.

Special arrangements may be made for short term out of town guests.

A Club member who allows ineligible individuals into Club facilities will be subject to fines, suspension of Club privileges, or cancellation of membership without refund, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

GUEST CARDS are good for one Season only. Members may pre-purchase guest cards at the time of annual due payments are required.  Guest fees will be posted. Guests may not enter or use the Club unless they are accompanied by a member. Members can only bring in one tennis guest at a time.  For Doubles each member needs to bring a guest.

Special memberships may be purchased for mothers’ helpers, but such memberships can be used only when the person is acting in the capacity of a mother’s helper.

All persons using any of the club’s facilities do so at their own risk. The club assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use, or for the loss or damage to personal property. Children under 11 years of age must be supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible babysitter.

Willowbrook is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Club grounds.

Intoxicants may not be brought onto club grounds. Persons bringing intoxicants onto club grounds will be asked to leave.

Pool will be closed for the day if the temperature is expected to be 60° or lower.

Club facilities are for use by club members, their families and eligible guests, as outlined in the general rules and regulations. Guest passes must be purchased for all guests. Club members who allow ineligible individuals into club facilities will be subject to fines, suspension of club privileges or cancellation of membership without refund, at the discretion of the board of directors.

Children under 11 years of age must be supervised by a parent, guardian, or responsible baby sitter at all times.

Courtesy and proper language is expected at all times.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and their guests.

Please cooperate with the Club’s staff concerning the Club’s rules and regulations.

Snack Bar and Picnic Area are for use of the club members and club members are responsible for cleaning up after they use tables in pool deck, tennis deck and picnic table areas.

All food and drink is to be eaten in either the snack bar or picnic area.

No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck. Water only.

No glass containers of any kind are to be brought onto Club grounds.

Tables are for the use of persons who are eating. They may be used for other activities, such as card playing, only when there are no persons waiting for a place to eat.

Persons having skin lesions, sore or inflamed eyes, mouth, nose or ear discharges, or are a carrier of any communicable disease may not use the pool. The health of all of our members must be respected, and we request that members abide by the Club staff’s decisions when enforcing these rules.

Spitting, urinating, water spouting or nose blowing is not permitted in the pools.

Children who are not toilet trained must wear “swim diapers” in the main pool and the kiddie pool. Diapers are to be changed in the dressing room only, and soiled diapers are to be placed in the trash barrels.

The central and deep areas of the pool may not be used by children who have not passed their deep water test, unless accompanied by an adult.

Diving is not permitted in less than 8 feet of water.

Only one person at a time may be on the diving board, and divers must not dive until the previous diver is at the pool ladder.

Running, pushing, wrestling or unauthorized ball playing is prohibited around the pool at all times.

Use of any water propelling devices, such as water guns, is strictly prohibited. Use of such devices will result in immediate confiscation. Continued or repeated use will result in removal from Club premises and/or suspension of Club privileges or cancellation of membership without refund.

Inner tubes, toys, flotation devices (other than kickboards and “noodles”) or life jackets that obstruct the view of the lifeguards are not permitted in the main pool. Children with “swimmies” MUST be accompanied by an adult. Exceptions may be made for special events at the discretion of the Club Manager.

Swimming across the lap lanes is forbidden.
Swimmers must exit the pool to pass this section. Please help us by sharing this rule with your children for both lap swimmers enjoyment and more importantly for safety.
First offense a warning is issued. Second offense – SIT OUT!

The kiddie pools are to be used only by small children supervised by their parent or responsible babysitter even though there is a lifeguard on duty.

No unauthorized persons are allowed in the chlorine storage area located behind the diving boards.

The life guards and pool staff have authority and responsibility to impose and enforce additional rules, as necessary, regarding health and safety.

Tennis Rules
  • Tennis Director, staff and tennis committee are responsible for interpreting and enforcing rules and making reasonable modifications where appropriate to avoid inequities.
  • The “Waiting List System” will be used. Persons who are taking a lesson may not sign up or be placed on the waiting list until they leave the court. Players must report to the starter who will put their names on the waiting list and will supervise court assignments. No one is permitted to place his/her name on the waiting list if that person is on the tennis courts. Email in advance for information, call or sign up at the Tennis Office Board.
  • Singles play is allowed for 60 minutes, and doubles play 90 minutes when other players are waiting for a court. The starter may adjust in these times if the courts are particularly crowded.
  • Proper tennis sneakers and tennis attire must be worn on the courts at all times. The Tennis Pro may refuse to permit the use of the courts to any person NOT wearing the proper tennis sneakers or tennis attire.
  • When using courts 2, 3, 4, please use the walkway (outside the court area), as walking across the courts may disrupt play and/or instruction.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their kids and guests if they brought them into the club courts and tennis areas. A staff member may ask parents to help intervene if any incidents arise.
  • Any members bringing a tennis guest must sign in and must pay a guest fee. Guest passes are available for purchase at the gate or given to the Tennis Director or staff. Please do not ask employees to break the rules or make exceptions. A guest may only visit the club twice a month, regardless of which family member they are visiting with at the club.
  • “In an effort to improve the quality of membership at Willowbrook, it is requested that any member who wishes to communicate an experience, good or bad, regarding the current tennis program and its staff shall advise the Tennis Director, President, Vice President, or Treasurer, of Willowbrook Swim Club, and Tennis Chairperson(s), in writing, within 48 hours. In order to assure accuracy, we ask that it contain the following information:
  1. The name of the person(s) involved,
  2. The date of the incident,
  3. The time of the incident,
  4. The location of the incident,
  5. Description of what occurred, including the names of any other people involved.

CLOTHING: We expect proper attire at all times: shirt, shorts or warm-ups. No jeans. Proper tennis shoes are required. Shirts must be worn at all times during play. No bathing suits or sandals.

SHOES: Tennis shoes are required specifically for Clay/ Har-Tru courts.

Please do not come onto the courts with running sneakers, cross-trainers, basketball, or walking shoes as they do not provide the proper support on the tennis court since they are designed for front and back movement and tennis is a lateral, quick direction change sport. Inadequate shoes create a hazardous situation for the tennis player and rip up the clay on the courts.

CROSSING SOMEONE’S COURT: If you need to cross a court that is in use by other members, you must 1) wait until the end of a point, 2) ask if you can cross, and 3) cross quickly. It also applies to a lesson court. Please consider walking along the path outside the courts first, utilizing the alternate access gates.

Your Ball Has Gone onto an Adjacent Court that is Being Occupied by a Fellow Player: Player on the other court need to call it a “let”. Wait until they have finished playing the point before asking for the return of your ball. (Never run onto adjacent court to retrieve ball.) If it is a tennis lesson court, a Tennis Professional should help you retrieve the ball.

CELL PHONES: Please turn off all ringers when on court. If you must have the phone on, please turn it on to “vibrate mode.”

TALKING: Keep in mind that others are playing next to you. When carrying on a conversation please do so at the net rather than from baseline to baseline. Use an indoor voice at all times. Obscene language will not be tolerated.

Any member bringing a tennis guest must sign in and must pay a guest fee or punch a guest card. Cards may be purchased through the Club or at the Tennis Shop. Please do not ask employees to break the rules or make exceptions. The Club’s guest policies will be enforced.


Club Address:
586 Millwood Road
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 43
Chappaqua, NY 10514